Concert Calendar Still Current!

I do hope to one day revive this blog. In the meantime, I’d like you to know that the concert calendar (click the tab on the left!) will always be kept up to date. It’s my record of where I’m headed and where I’ve been.

Shortly after I started The Bandchaser, I was working on a freelance piece in between meetings at my favorite coffee shop, and I knocked my very large hot beverage over, spilling the entire thing directly into my laptop. That turned out to be the end of both my freelance feature writing and my blog, since both of them relied upon my mobility and ability to work on them in between other things. Someday, when I am finally able to replace my laptop, I’ll pick up where I left off here and write about my adventures with music and the artists who make it. One of the roles I take most seriously in life is that of music sherpa - I love introducing people to their new favorite band.

Hope to see you at a show soon!