Here are some of the blogs and other sites where I get my music news fix (avalanche of print music mags notwithstanding).

Tri State Indie
I'm a sporadic contributor to this site. I admire how Steph and Rich & company have built such a great community in just a few short years.

The Swollen Fox
Great site about live music in Philadelphia. Includes a Philly-area venue map and concert calendar.

The RSL (Ryan's Smashing Life)
My buddy Ryan runs this Boston-area blog, and he's also got a TV show called The Bubbler.

Some Velvet Blog
The tumblr of WXPN Program Director Bruce Warren, my Twitter friend and would-be mentor, if I'd ever just move to Philly already (I won't, but I like to say I have dual citizenship between York and Philly).

Broken Headphones
This is the friend and blog that introduced me to Frank Turner. For this, I will be forever grateful and indebted to BHP.

This is not a blog. But it is one of my primary sources for music. Daytrotter's been a big part of my life/personal soundtrack for the last few years, and I highly recommend investing in an annual membership (a STEAL at only 24 bucks).

Paste Magazine
My old stand-by and primary music news source.

American Songwriter
Hey, if any of you know anyone at AS, please tell them I very much want to write for them when I grow up. In the meantime, I will pretend as though I believe that the story pitch emails I've sent them have know...gotten lost or something.